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Automatic Driving Lessons

“Steve is an amazing instructor who has a unique style of teaching. Learning with Steve is a beneficial and efficient  experience. He is very friendly and helpful. I have always looked forward to the lessons and will sure miss his valuable guidance!” Deeba, Jan ‘14

“… after spending years believing I'd never be able to drive,  Steve is the first instructor I've had (of many) who addressed my fears, identified why I was making mistakes and helped me develop into an intuitive driver …” Abigail, May ‘14

“…  Steve is such a good instructor who understood my nervousness much better and helped me to become a safe and better driver …” Shobhana, May ‘14

“…  So ecstatic to have passed first time and its all thanks to Steve! … He tailors the lesson to you and creates the most positive and comfortable atmosphere and genuinely cares about his learners  …” Nida, Jun ‘14

“…  Thanks to Steve’s excellent teaching method, I managed to go from zero experience and being a ball of nerves, to quite confidently passing first time in just three months … just trust in Steve and your own instincts and you will pass with flying colours.”  Emah, Jul ‘14

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Test Route Info, Choosing a Driving School, B&Q Roundabouts, Faults Explained etc. more info at the bottom.

Padma passed with Automatic Driving Lessons from stevesdriving

“…   Steve is the BEST instructor anyone could ever find. Steve is very passionate about teaching learners to drive … he strives to make them better drivers in the real world. I can definitely recommend Steve to anyone without hesitating.”  Padma, Jan ‘15

“Steve is a natural tutor. I was a nervous driver and never believed i would confidently drive on the road let alone PASS MY TEST FIRST TIME!! … He has been patient throughout the learning process … encourages self learning …  i have particularly enjoyed that his lessons require feedback on areas that you feel you wish to improve.  If you want to overcome your fears and become a confident safe driver I would recommend Steve!!”  Emma, Jan ‘15

Emma passed her driving test with

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“Steve is a great driving instructor. He lets you set the pace for your lessons and learning. He breaks things down into logical steps and takes the time to help you walk through your barriers. I cannot recommend Steve enough, he help me, as a nervous learner, to pass first time!”  Juliette, Jun ‘15

“ … passed first time!”  Aisyah, Jun ‘15

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